Citi: Card Strategy Book

Once a logo and identity are complete, generally the next step is to create guidelines. This is an exacting series of rules: how to draw the logo, approved sizes, typeface and image usage, design templates, etc.

But when the company is the size of Citi, spanning across continents cultures and economies, guidelines sometimes need to be supplemented with a lesson in strategy. In other words, the why along with the how.

Such was the case with Citi cards across the globe.

Prior to our involvement, Citi had a plethora of branded, sub-branded and co-branded products, with a wide range of design execution. Our goal was to help people make on-brand decisions when determining whether to develop a card, entering into partnerships and designing the product. Our goal was also to coax rather than enforce.

And since this document has such importance, we decided to produce a proper book. Because even in an internet age, published material carries authority.

Inside pocket contains a plastic design template

Agency: Landor Associates
Creative direction, design: Mark Kingsley
Copy: Mike Kerr
Design: Carolyn Ashburn
Project Manager: Nicola Stockmann-Tannerfors
Production specialist: Dave Janka

Book photography: Michael Friel
Hand model: Britt Dionne

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