HP advertising

A designer’s dream client relationship goes something like this: client hires designer, designer plays with the muse, designer shows results to the client, client immediately sends it out to be produced – without any significant changes.

As a rule, this rarely happens.

Throughout 2003 and 2004, I had the pleasure of just such a relationship. The folks at Publicis & Hal Riney, who were charged with marketing HP’s consumer products, would send me a headline to improvise upon. Several days later I would send sketches, from which one or more were quickly approved. Then anywhere from a week to a month later, it would appear as a full-page in the New York Times, the inside cover spread of Forbes, or even as a six-page section in Wired.

While a wonderful experience, I must admit that at the time I was a bit disoriented. How could such a client relationship exist?

During this time, Goodby Silverstein & Partners was producing wonderful and inspired brand-level advertising for HP which stood out from most other print ads and commercials. In retrospect, I suspect much of the success and ease of this work came from having such a high and well-articulated benchmark to aspire to.


Design and illustration: Mark Kingsley

Client: HP

Agency: Publicis & Hal Riney – Dennis Lim, Anne Saulnier, Julia Sassone, Doug Patterson, Jason Busa, Patricia Hom, David Goodspeed, Brian Howe, Erika Farrell, Pauline Grant

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