Mark Kingsley, bio

In design school, I was an avid reader of publications like Artforum and October. The most interesting, and least footnoted, articles were usually written by non-academics. Often practicing artists, their resumes would read something along the lines of “…lives and works in New York City”.

So one of the achievements that I’m most proud of is my resume, which simply reads: Mark Kingsley lives and works in New York City.

It says everything it needs in the most efficient manner. It means I’ve bogarted the wine of avant-garde icons, met some of my favorite artists, worked for many wonderful clients, and been fortunate to find a place in the City. It means many concerts, many nights in jazz clubs, many hours in museums, and many restaurants. It means seeing Philip Johnson, Andy Warhol, Jackie O, and Morton Feldman on the street. It means losing the Ernest Borgnine Look-Alike Contest to Chris Farley, the pain of seeing your favorite musicians reduced to panhandling, and knowing the indelible stench of post 9-11 Manhattan.

Yet, that one-sentence resume sometimes needs elaboration. At one point, every life becomes a list. So here are some lists:

Places I’ve worked

Landor Associates
Creative Director / Global creative lead for Citi account San Francisco and New York City, with a brief period of time working for the Paris office

Ogilvy, Brand Innovation Group (BIG), NY NY
Creative Director

Publicis & Hal Riney, San Francisco CA
Freelance Art Director/Illustrator

Greenberg Kingsley, NY NY

Intelligent Skincare, NY NY
Art Director

Cosmair, Inc., Designer Fragrance Division NY NY

Awards (just the highlights)

FPO Awards, 2012
Letterpressed Music Packaging for Ethel

American Institute of Graphic Arts,
50 Books / 50 Covers:
Marcel Duchamp / Man Ray: Fifty Years of Alchemy
Selected as one of the 50 best-designed books of the year.

Broadcast Design Association, 2002
Gold: Sci Fi Channel upfront kit

Grammy nomination, 2000
Best Box Set Design: The Blue Note Years: 1939–1999

Type Directors Club, 1997
Judge’s Choice: Guggenheim Museum store logo

Plus, multiple selections by the
American Institute of Graphic Arts,
Art Directors Club, Broadcast Design Association,
Graphis Magazine and Print Magazine

I have also been a…

Graduate Advisor and Instructor
Masters in Branding program, School of Visual Arts

American Illustration 21, 2002

Visiting Critic (annual visits)
Yale University
MFA Graphic Design Program, 2000–2005


Cooper-Hewitt, National Design Museum,
Smithsonian Institution, NY NY
National Design Triennial: “Design Life Now”
December 2006–July 2007
Group Show (as part of the design website Speak Up)

Patrick Callery, NY NY – September 1993
Solo Exhibition

White Columns, NY NY – March 1992
Group Show

White Columns, NY NY – September 1992
Solo Exhibition

Germans van Eck Gallery, NY NY – May 1992
Group Show “Music/Art Convergence”
curated by Muranushi/Lederman

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